rejuvesol Red Blood Cell Processing Solution

Biomet Biologics


Biomet's foremost obligation is to the patient. Biomet works in concert with health professionals throughout the world to provide high quality and clinically proven medical products. Founded in 1977, Biomet has over 35 years of clinical heritage.


Biomet Biologics was formed in 2001 when it launched a platelet concentration device. In 2003, Biomet Biologics further expanded the product offering creating various autologous therapy solutions.

Furthermore, demineralized bone matrix (DBM) materials were added to the product portfolio to provide a complimentary allograft delivery mechanism for existing autologous therapies. Biomet Biologics has one of the broadest product lines in the industry and continues to be a market leader for autologous therapy products.

Biomet Biologics continues to support and invest in product development and clinical trials for a variety of therapeutic applications, including blood management, bone grafting, and vascular therapies. One such example is the rejuvesol Solution, which enables hospitals to offer rejuvenated RBC to patients.

rejuvesol Solution is distributed and manufactured by Citra Labs, LLC, a Biomet Biologics company. Citra Labs develops and markets blood rejuvenation solution and citrate based anticoagulants. Citra Labs is located in Braintree, Massachusetts. Our team has over 30 years experience in providing innovative blood processing solutions.